Tuckers Whippy Dip

If you ever go through Mason, Ohio you have to go to Tuckers Whippy Dip.  They have the greatest ice cream in the world.  I absolutely love their ice cream.  This year they opened for the summer season on Mother’s Day.  I was so, happy that they did that.  It was such a treat for us to go get desert at Tuckers after dinner.  Plus, my favorite the “Turtle Sundae” has never been made better at any other ice cream place that I know of.  They do have food, such as hot dogs and cheeseburgers, but I have never tried it.  I have just stuck to the ice cream, but now I might have to go try it.

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Blue Ash Chili

One of our local diners is going to be featured on the food network.  The owners daughter is good friends with my daughter.  They have been friends since kindergarten.  I use to be a Skyline Chili Fan.  The four way with onions was my standard fair, but after I tasted Blue Ash Chili, I will go out of my way to get Blue Ash Chili verses Skyline Chili.  Hands down, Blue Ash Chilie is the best chili in Cincinnati.  By the way, if you are not a chili fan they have a variety of other food.  Their cheese fries are awesome.  Plus, they are not skimpy on the cheese like some other restraunts.  Then just in case you have a sweet toothe, their deserts are delicious.  I really do suggest you give Blue Ash Chili a try if you are ever going down 71 North or South and passing the Western Row Exit and hungry.  Just take a break and have some great Chili!

Monday through Saturday 10:00 AM to 8:30 pm

4200 Aero Drive, Mason, Ohio, 45040

513-492-9650 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              513-492-9650      end_of_the_skype_highlighting


9565 Kenwood Road, Blue Ash

513-984-6107 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              513-984-6107      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

There websiete:  http://www.blueashchili.com/

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Summer Bowling League for My Daughter and I

I am so excited that my daughter and I have joined a summer bowling league.  It will give us that much needed time to ourselves.  I love my daughter dearly, but she has gotten to that age where she has her own friends and so, much of her time is taken up with her choir she is in.  She sings with CCM which is a professional choir and she is only ten years old.  So, we are very proud of her.  Next year she will start classical guitar lessons and I think she will excel at that too. 

But, this summer it is bowling for us.  We are working on raising our scores and having fun at the same time.  Bowling is about the only thing outside of swimming with the kids and exercise so I do not get fat that I do besides read about history.  Tonight we practiced and Caitlin has recently decided to do away with bumper bowling.  Anyhow she has brought her score up from a 25 last  week to a 56 this week without bumpers.  That might not sound like a big deal but, my daughter worked hard to do that so, I am proud of her.  Meanwhile, over the past month I have brought my score up from a median 70 to around a 125.  So, we are very excited about our summer bowling league.  It is going to be a blast.  We are going to be bowling with another lady and her grandson.  I personally think T-Shirts are in order. 

This past year I decided I wanted to bowl more so, I invested in a really cool bowling ball with fish all around it.  It looks like an acquarium.  It is a fun ball and it has my initials on it.  My son already has one because before his back was hurt my little boy was quite a bowler.  Now we will be getting one for my daughter.  I am so, excited that she is finally getting into the spirit of bowling.  🙂

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My Wonderful Mother’s Day

This morning I woke up to my little boy smiling at me.  He said, “Mommy I want tickles.” So, we played tickles for a long time in bed.  I had slept with him because he has been having a really hard time with his back but this morning he was feeling alright.  We are at the end of the first week after his injury and things are starting to look up.

After we played tickles, he said, “I am hungry.” So, I took him to McDonalds and since it was just us we went into the restraunt to eat his 2 cinnamon melts and diet coke.  But, he mispronounces cinnamon, so it sounds like cinammamon and to me it is the most endearing thing.  I know now after almost losing him that if I never heard the word cinnamon mispronounced my life would not be complete.  So, this mother’s day was so special to me because God saved my little boy that night.  Somehow and someway my son fell out of the upstairs window and is still alive and for this I thank God with all my heart. 

He was perfect in the restraunt and I even let him sit at a table.  You see this was special because we usually sit at a booth and put him on the inside.  Now I am thinking that perhaps he feels a bit like a trapped rat.  I think whe I do put trust in him sometimes, he really suprizes me. 

While we were eating, I called and asked my Mom what she wanted for mother’s day and she said, “I want a hanging basket.”  So, after we ate our breakfast it was off to get the hanging baskets.  I then called my brother to see what he was getting mom and we agreed that we would each get her the same thing that way she would only have to buy one more and the front of her house would be done. 

So, first we went to Walmarts and their hanging baskets looked horrible.  Then we went to Lowes and the mothers got a hanging red geranium basket of flowers each for mothers day.  I am usually a little more in depth for their mothers day but this year has been rough so I was very glad that they chose something simple.  Then Ryan and I went to Krogers and picked out cards for the mothers.  My mom got a card that sang “You are so wonderful” and Mike’s mom got a card that sang “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” from the Toy Story movie because that is her favorite cartoon. 

Ryan and I took them to the mother’s because Dad and Caitlin were being sleepy heads.  So, we then came home and woke the rest of our family up at around noon and ate some Dijornos.  But, it was just nice hanging out together and being with each other.  My brother was coming up with his new girlfriend who I really wanted to meet, but my son starts to really be done around 4 pm.  I think by then he just wants to take his pain medicine and lay on his mother.  (me)

But, right after lunch I got to go out and do a little shopping with no kids.  I went to Kohl’s, Target, and Sally’s Beauty Supply.  I bought some work out clothes at Kohl’s, hair supplies at Sally’s, and huge nice beach towles at Target for only $8.00 a piece.  That is not bad for 7 foot beach towels. 

Next is another great part of my day.  When I came home my husband had bought the greatest steaks to make for my dinner, along with salad, corn on the cobb, and baked potatoes.  I was so pleased.  He had asked me if I wanted to eat out and I really did not.  You see, my husband is a wonderful cook and we have been so busy that we have eaten out a lot lately, so I really enjoyed the food he made for me at home. 

Last, we went to Tuckers Whippy Dip to get ice cream for desert. My husband and I had a turtle sundae, my son had a gian ice cream sandwich, and my daughter had an ice cream twist with a face on it.  Then my little boy looked over at me and said, “Mommy its time to lay with me.  I want mommy to lay with me.”  Which means he is tired and ready for his bed time.  So, I had a wonderful mothers day. 

Thank you God, for allowing me to have my whole family with me on this mothers day.  They each one are very dear to me.

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Tuckers Whippy Dip in Mason, Ohio

Tuckers Whippy Dip

127 E Main St, Mason, OH

(513) 459-7966

If you ever go through Mason, Ohio you have to go to Tuckers Whippy Dip.  They have the greatest ice cream in the world.  I absolutely love their ice cream.  This year they opened for the summer season on Mother’s Day.  I was so, happy that they did that.  It was such a treat for us to go get desert at Tuckers after dinner

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Alligator Farms are a Horrible Idea!

So, my daughter flew down to Florida for Spring Break to be with my mother in Okeechobee, Florida this year.  While she was there my mother let her get her picture taken with an alligator.  My daughter loves all animals and wants to be a vetenarian someday.  So, she said to me, “Mommy they said the are going to take the alligator to an alligator farm what is that”?  So, we googled alligator farm.  It is a place where they breed alligators so that they can kill them to sell parts of alligators as souvenirs to people who come to Florida. 

We were reading the article together and I had no idea that was going to pop up so I did not have time to say you should not read this my baby.  She had already read the horrid truth.  And it is a sad truth if you want my opinion.

I told her the best thing you can do is never buy anything like that and tell people about it and what they do.  So, this is what they do.  Say an alligator gets lost and ends up in someones back yard.  A liscensed alligator cather can catch the alligator that they have termed a “nuissance alligator” and sell it to an alligator farm.  Alligator farmers are not allowed to touch the ones in the wild, but if you end up in the local KOA that is one dead alligator if it is above a certain length.  Also, if it is girl alligator they will just have the mommy keep laying eggs and kill all the babies and sell them in their gift shops. 

It is really sad that they are killing animals because people want to buy parts of their bodies.  They are living creatures.

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A post about Up in the Air [Blu-ray]

This movie is not your happy ending type of move.  That being said, I do believe it is a good movie.  I believe that in this Global World that is shrinking there are still those like Ryan in the movie that spend the majority of the days and nights flying from here to there and spending many nights in hotels.  There you have the individual who is isolated but totally surrounded, never having enough time to get to know anyone well and and able to avoid deep intimate relationships. 

This Ryan in the movie says he is happy how he is and even does speeches about how our relationship tie us down and stop us from achieving our utmost in life.  I had something happen to me about two years where I put myself in a position that left me wide open to be hurt by someone like Ryan.  I knew the individual was far from home and so, I sent him and e-mail saying if you are ever alone on holidays you don’t need to be.  Please do consider yourself apart of our family.  You may come to our families house for holidays.  I hope that we can always be friends and I greatly respect you. 

I reckon that was a little too much for the individual because they indeed took their knife out and stabbed me in the back. However, in this movie Ryan does get his act together and figure out that human beings are more important than trivial elitists statuses that allude to one person being better than the next due to the name on their car or their blue jeans.  However, the young lady their in the front of this cover will give you quite a shocker.  At the end, you won’t be feeling sorry for her anymore and if you would be me.  You would understand why some people isolate themselves in this world to the point of totally excluding themselves from realtionships that have any kind of involvement in the as far the possibility of them getting hurt. 

In todays world, it is not like it was for our parents or our grandparents.  If you are single and over 27, you are indeed swimming with some sharks.  Definitely be careful.  I am married,  but I have known enough single people dating at that age to say be careful.  But, as for me I must insane but this movie makes me have no regrets.  If I found another lonely soul in the world I would invite them into my world and extend my hand in friendship too.  Michael, my husband says I like to try and fix people.  See that is all wrong, I do not try to fix people, I simply give them options.  The option of having a friendship with an individual who would never hurt them on purpose.  I am a very loyal and stuborn friend.  I do not let much come in the way of my true friends.  I have had more than one friend since I was 14 years old.  I have some friends that I met when I went to kindergarten. 

But, what this movie brought home to me is that there are too many aquaintances and not enough friends in even my life. 

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